Vertra Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+

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Vertra Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+
  • Lightweight, ultra-fine titanium dioxide and zinc oxide infused cream for the face and body
  • Optimum broad spectrum protection provides head-to-toe resistance from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Non-Greasy formula sets up an immediate and very water resistant bond to skin.
  • Designed, formulated and manufactured to the highest cosmetic industry standards.
  • Athlete tested worldwide.

The Skin Cancer Foundation is recognized as the international, educational leader to the public and medical professions on skin cancer, skin cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. They have also set the highest criteria for sun and skincare products seeking to acquire their approval. All Vertra products were subjected to a stringent series of SPF, Very Water Resistant, and phototoxic/contact irritation/allergic reaction tests to see if they met the Foundation’s standards. The results were then reviewed by their photobiology committee, which is comprised of some the nation’s leading dermatologists and experts in their respected medical professions. We passed convincingly and now all Vertra products possess the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Official Seal of Recommendation. We want all consumers to be able to recognize the importance and substance behind a product that bears the Seal and to know that one can truly take comfort in the fact that they are purchasing a safe and proven product, effective in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.